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Garland Area MakerSpace
Carol Currie

Carol Currie


Being creative is simply who she is.  She has worked in numerous mediums including but not limited to: Wood working; fused glass; painting (watercolor and acrylic); and paper mâché

With an entrepreneurial drive, she created two businesses and operated them each for several years before selling them to other owner/operators.

In addition, she worked for corporate business managing small teams, developing a fabric library and creating Operation Manuals for multiple groups.

Many volunteer organizations have elected her to board leadership positions.  She has lead teams to plan several annual conferences for over 100 people.  These conferences were 3 days long and included hotel, meals, logistics for workshops, and entertainment.

Finally, she served as Activity Director for a local assisted living place.

Jonesy with his blue glasses

John "Jonesy" Jones

Vice President

An A+ Certified Technician and Apple Certified Technician in macOS and iOS hardware

Jonesy is a repair technician for a national computer retailer and specializes in Apple hardware and software for over 10 years. Jonesy also is a freelance graphic designer and has assisted with websites, logos and presentations with non-profits like Texas Rail Advocates, Apple Corps of Dallas and The Capehart Communication Collection in Corsicana, Texas.

Jonesy loves to dabble in Making both in the digital world as well as hands on and include hobbies such as Photoshop, Watercolor on canvas, Photography, digital signage and building working arcade cabinets with recycled computers or Raspberry Pi computers. Jonesy especially enjoys repurposing old technology instead of having it go to a landfill.

Janell Jenkins

Janell Jenkins


My mother was my example of an independent woman. She made the most of her income by taking on projects like painting our house, yard mowing, plumbing repair in addition to her full-time job with SW Bell, since my father died when my sister and I were young.  She challenged me to create by providing puzzles, Lincoln Logs, an Erector set and dolls.

I rose to the challenge by achieving my BS in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry.   My career began in research at UT Southwestern Medical Center. After a few years went to work for Texas Instruments as the only woman in the Gallium Arsenide department.  I went on to manage a QA team to help keep the water clean for computer chip production for 25 years.

I moved to Garland in 1978, when I bought my first home.  That home is now 1 of 2 rental properties I own.  I still live in a Garland home. I have used the skills I learned since childhood to analyze problems, determine if I have the skills needed for a task or how to get the training to develop the skills.  I have volunteered with many different organizations and have been a part of their leadership.

Since retirement, I have supplemented my income as a tax preparer. I love to garden and watch the birds come to the feeder.  My hobby is Lampworking Glass into beads, marbles and small figures.  Learning is a skill that never gets dull especially as I grow older.


Sheila Wilkinson


Sheila Wilkinson is a retired Federal Civil Servant of 36 years and a former Senior Tax Advisor of 5 years. Her varied background in analysis (Lean Six Sigma Certified), tax theory and law, and computer information systems provides a great basis for our organization. Sheila is motivated by challenge and is totally committed to finding the optimum resolution in all situations. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She also likes crafting, playing Scrabble, and puzzles.


Emma Elizabeth Berry


Profession: Writer

Elizabeth has been a professional writer for over 30 years. Her writing experience is broad—from writing new product descriptions for products ranging from mortgage products to new technology services such as VoIP and mobile applications. In conjunction with these new product descriptions she has also created the related training materials as well as user instructions.  Additional writing experience has included business plans, proposals (over 20), policy and procedure manuals, and related documents for two 501C(3) applications.

She graduated with aBachelor of Arts Degree from University of North Texas with a major in English and a minor in art.  Awards for her writing have included the Gellman Hayward Award for Editorial Excellence based on an abstract for an article she wrote that appeared in the IEEE Transactions for Professional Communication. 

Ms. Berry currently serves as President Emeritus and founder of Loving Garland Green – a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit founded in 2013 for the purpose of promoting urban agriculture in the City of Garland, Texas.  In conjunction with these duties she has worked closely with the administration at Parkcrest Elementary School in Garland to install a school garden during the school year 2018 and 2019.  Other board experience has included membership on the Garland Park Board.   She is now working with a consortium of GISD teachers and administrators to accomplish the goal of establishing school gardens in all the Garland Schools.

Elizabeth has been a regular contributor since 2013 to Eat Green DFW—a site in the Dallas/Fort Worth area devoted to healthy living.  She is also the webmaster and writer for

Carol Cooper



Certified Purchasing Manager, Certified Professional in Supply Management, Certified Public Procurement Officer

Carol retired as Director of Materials Management from the City of Garland. Texas in 2011.  She has been actively employed in the purchasing and supply profession since 1978.    Carol has served on the board of several purchasing related organizations.  She is also a founding Board member of Garland Area MakerSpace.

Carol co-founded N&C Consulting, specializing in procurement training and solutions in 2011.  She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas and holds a lifetime C.P.M. and CPPO.

Her favorite thing to make:  Knowledge.  She loves helping her purchasing peers keep current in their chosen profession.


Charles Bevilacqua


Charlie holds an Associates business degree from Scott County Community College in Iowa.  He moved here in the early 1980’s to work as a trouble-shooting manager for Payless Shoes. His job was to determine why a store was losing money and then write a report with the solution.  He did well for two years but as sometimes is the case when one works for someone else, he didn’t make enough money.  He purchased a towing truck and worked on the weekends for himself.  It was less than a year before Charlie realized that couldn’t afford to work for Payless. He gave them the two weeks notice and became a full time business owner, bookkeeper, etc. for the next 18 years or so.  In 2000 he turned his towing business over to his son.

Charlie’s love of maker/tinkering centers on cars.  He has a fully restored 1968 original Hemi Plymouth and a 60 something Chevelle that is in the process of being restored. In addition to gardening, he is an avid reader, who loves a good mystery.  In addition to serving on the Makerspace board, Charlie was also a founding member and member of the board of Loving Garland Green—a local 501C(3) nonprofit who are the official stewards of the Garland Community Garden.

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