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Garland Area MakerSpace

We miss you too…

I think it goes without saying that we are like most people in this country and around the world, trying to figure out what to do next. We felt like we had some great momentum from our MakerSpace Block Party and into the holiday season and our last event with fellow Garland Area non-profits looking […]

Let’s Make Edible Spoons!

WHY? We need to find materials to replace all kinds of throwaway objects currently made of plastic.  Examples include plastic eating utensils.  Some estimates put the number of individual plastic utensils wasted at 40 billion per year in the United States alone. After just one single use, most of them are thrown out and end up in […]

The MakerSpace magic and CES

I won’t lie that I am a gadget/electronic junkie. At an arms reach I have a couple of Raspberry Pi units, an Anker mobile battery, and an iPod Classic. (Don’t ask.) Shortly after the Holidays have ended, the tech world merges in on Las Vegas for CES, the Consumer Electronic Show. This show sets the […]

Non-Geek DIY Series Two Coming Soon!

Getting to Know Your Raspberry Pi 4B Desktop Computer So you’ve got your Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Computer up and running. Now what? Another newbie Non-Geek DIY guide is coming soon from the folks at Garland Area Makerspace.  By the time you finish this guide, you may not be an expert in Linux or Python […]

And the winner is…

We would like to thank everyone who attended our booth at Christmas on the Square in Garland this past Thursday. We had a great time making ornaments with the kiddos and getting to meet with many of you who share our passion of getting a MakerSpace in Garland. Congrats to Chris Torres whose ticket was […]


If you currently have a Raspberry Pi 3B and are wondering what more is available in the Raspberry Pi 4B, the following is a great video for you. If you are a non-Geek with no Raspberry Pi prior experience, it might be a bit confusing.


Build a  Raspberry Pi 4 B Powered Desktop ComputerPart Two:  The Parts.  What are these things for?Liz Berry IntroductionIn Part One of this Non-Geek DIY you learned about all the parts you need to build a Raspberry Pi 4B Powered Desktop Computer and their approximate cost.  I recommended the purchase of a CanaKit from the […]


LET’S BUILD A RASPBERRY PI 4 B POWERED DESKTOP COMPUTER! Part One:  Introduction, Cost and Gathering PartsEmma Berry Introduction Why? It’s always a good idea before undertaking any DIY project to ask yourself “Why should I?”  1) Raspberry Pi is one of the leading platforms for taking advantage of the Internet of Things Technology (IoT).  […]

10 DIY Easy-to-Make Fabric Gifts!

As I’ve mentioned, pre-washed 100% cotton or linen dish towels make a great gift. 22 by 36 inches is a good size.  Use left-over fabric.  Hem all the way around the towel with your sewing machine or by hand as you watch TV.  Use your imagination and smaller scraps of fabric to trim the towels, […]

Add GAM to your Kroger Card

We’re always looking for easy ways that the community can help us raise funds to make a MakerSpace. If you use Kroger and their Kroger Card for Groceries and everyday items, a portion of your shopping could be going to Garland Area MakerSpace. Here is how to setup: Goto Scroll to the bottom of […]

Learning Linux is worthwhile

even for non-geeks and here is why: There was a day when only big businesses and big government ran all the computers. But then the invention of the microprocessor in 1971 that integrated CPU function into a single chip started the ball rolling for computer usage by ordinary people like you and me. The second […]


A SIMPLE LOW-TECH MAKER PROJECT—Just in Time for Holiday Gifts! You can get as fancy (calling them “tea towels”) or as plain as you want with this gift, but the person who receives these towels is sure to love them as long as they are made from 100% cotton or linen.  Poly fabrics simply won’t […]

Women in the Tech World

Yes, Women can hold their own in the male-dominated Tech World and Limor Fried is one outstanding example.  She founded AdaFruit Industries, an open-source hardware company in 2005. The company designs, manufactures and sells a number of electronics products, electronics components, tools and accessories. It also produces a number of learning resources, including live and […]

DIY: Set up for Raspberry Pi

How to get started setting up your Raspberry Pi The problem with most teachers is quite frankly:  They know too much. I know that’s paradoxical but nonetheless, also true.  Most teachers are subject matter experts and often when it comes to describing processes, they assume knowledge their students don’t have. When it comes to learning […]

Raspberry Pi – a Maker Tool

It seems as if when it comes to the powerful little Raspberry Pi, your making with this great tool is only limited by your imagination.

Tinker CAD – a maker tool

IT’S NOT ENOUGH TO HAVE A 3D PRINTER: YOU NEED THE SOFTWARE TO TELL IT WHAT TO DO. Just as the Raspberry Pi needs Python to tell it what to do, 3D printers need software with instructions for telling it how to print objects. The good news is that Tinkercad is a free, open source, […]

3D Printers-a maker tool

In case you are trying to decide what gift to get a special maker on your list–for example yourself, here is some information to assist in making the right decision regarding a 3D printer.

Thank You

We owe the success of this event to so many people from our community–both the people who participated by agreeing to host a station as well as the 125 to 150 people who showed up to see what makerspaces are all about. FIRST THE NONPROFITS: 1. Richland College, Garland Campus – Thank you Celes Oppendahl […]

Meet Maker Sandra Lewis!

Her company, Life at the Table, Inc., inspires people to live healthy, happy, and productive lives by helping them answer the most important question they ask every day, “What’s for dinner?” Led by Chef Sandra Lewis who is a keynote speaker, radio and podcast host, Life at the Table offers workplace health and well-being solutions, […]

Meet Maker Charles Garrett

Charles Garrett was a man who loved history and loved to hunt for treasure, but instead of unearthing a king’s ransom,  he made his own treasure for himself and his family from his hobby. The same month, the photo above was taken, Olympic Games Head of Security Ed Best visited Garrett’s offices to test and […]

Meet Karen Rogers!

ANOTHER LEGACY LIVES ON IN GARLAND TEXAS AT 103 NORTH SIXTH STREET IN GARLAND, TEXAS. Today as I was out and about passing out posters advertising our maker block party event on November 3 at Richland College, Garland Campus, I thought about how many family members in Garland are continuing the legacy that was begun […]

Meet Gifford Spring!

GIFFORD SPRING If you want something made from wire according to your specifications, Gifford Spring is the company to call. They don’t just make springs. They make just about anything imaginable from wire. Today I stopped by Gifford Spring at 219 Gold, here in Garland, Texas to take a look at the old spring maker […]

Our Library can be a makerspace too.

AN ILL WIND OF LONG AGO BLEW SOME GOOD TO GARLAND Library service was established in the City of Garland as a result of a tornado that tore a path of destruction through the northwest corner of Garland on May 9, 1927.  The tornado claimed fourteen lives in Garland, including Mrs. Missouri Nicholson and her […]

Meet Maker Jack Hickman

Be sure to stop by Jack’s table at the November 3 event. He will be among the most amazing people you will meet that day and you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people. Jack has been totally blind since he was 17 but while he may be blind, he is […]

Making Painted Rocks the Easy way!

No, you don’t need the talent of Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci, but you do need the following: MATERIALS AND TOOLS 1. Some rocks. If you live in the Garland area, the best selection I know of is AAA Sand and Stone. 10550 Miller RD – Dallas, TX 75238 –  (214)342-1794 –  Of course […]

Meet Makers! Meet Gywn.

Gwyn’s Pet Art Note: We are asking all those who are presenting at our November 3 event to send us some information about what they make. The following is what Gwyn sent us. I do pet portraits and artwork in colored, pastel, charcoal or watercolor pencil. (Basically, mostly dry media on some type of cotton […]

Meet Makers! Meet Delores!

COME TO THE NOVEMBER 3 EVENT AND MEET DELORES–an entrepreneur, baker, photographer and teacher! Like most makers, Delores loves to have fun. She is featured above at another community event. Delores Elder-Jones practices what she preaches (giganomics, how to make living from your hobby) Delores, a long-time Garland resident who has a Masters Degree in […]

Meet Makers!

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO START A MAKERSPACE? ANSWER: Y-O-U SUPPORTING ONE “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead I was thinking about that as I read Jonesy’s appeal to you in the post below to please help […]

Makerspaces, Nature, New Technology and Local Economy

All are interrelated I was thinking last night as I worked on a Lemon Battery presentation for the ‘MAKER KIDS” section of our upcoming maker/education/local manufacturing event at Richland College, Garland Campus scheduled for mid October about the close connections between technology and nature. Nature again and again proves inspiration for the creation of new […]

Frankenstein has arrived!

FRANKENSTEIN HAS ARRIVED, COMPLETE WITH SCREWS IN HIS HEAD Folks, I have to say I’m troubled.  I’m troubled for the future of the job market in the USA—a topic that few if any discuss.  I’m especially troubled for our young people—who are in grade school today and those between the ages of 18 and 30.  […]

Declining Manufacturing Workforce?

Yes, but not important according to Gardner Intelligence According to Gardner Business Intelligence Chief Economist Michael Guckes, between 2000 and 2016, machine shop jobs have declined in number. He argues, however, that this isn’t a terrible situation. Instead, he argues the composition of the workforce has changed.  For example, in 2000 majority of manufacturing employees were […]

Future Technology and Inventions 2019 – 2050

Use the bracelet shown in the photo above to turn your arm into a computer screen and keyboard. The only problem with this story depicting this incredible piece of wearable technology that you can use while biking, riding transit, or even in the bath is that this bracelet doesn’t exist. There’s no selection of colors […]

Raspberry Pi 4

Figure 1. Photo from Raspberry Pi For those who may not know, the Raspberry Pi is a single board computer.  It’s about the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi 4 is a big upgrade from Raspberry Pi 3.  For starters, it’s three times faster than the Raspberry Pi3 at performing any task.  […]

Value of a MakerSpace: Prototypes

Creating prototypes for new Inventions and getting them to Market is not as difficult as it once was. Elizabeth Berry Since the time of Thomas Edison, invention has been as much about manufacturing and marketing inventions successfully as about having great ideas in the first place. Some of the most famous inventors in history have developed […]

Raspberry Pi 4 released

Recently, the Raspberry Pi Foundation over in the UK surprised me with an updated model called the Raspberry Pi 4 (Modal B). While the naming convention is easy to follow, this little board is more than just an upgrade in name only, it is now powerful enough to be a basic desktop replacement. If you […]

Why I want a MakerSpace

When I first heard the concept of a MakerSpace, I became incredibly elated. I never really considered myself a “Maker” until I heard the term. I considered my self a “dabbler” and maybe a “Jack of All Trades”. I also have never been sure what side of my brain is the most dominant. You see, […]

Raspberry Pi Giveaway

We are giving away a Raspberry Pi at our DIY Arcade Meetup at the North Garland Library on March 12th at 7:00PM. Must be present to win but to enter, you will need to join our website and comment on THIS blog post. A winner will be chosen at the end of the meeting.

The DIY Arcade Dream

A article from Liz from our Facebook Being an old lady, I did not realize there was such a market out there for those old retro arcade games, but I’m getting an education fast. To my credit, I am aware of Pac Man, a Japanese video game that came out in 1980 and my sons […]

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