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We owe the success of this event to so many people from our community–both the people who participated by agreeing to host a station as well as the 125 to 150 people who showed up to see what makerspaces are all about.


1. Richland College, Garland Campus – Thank you Celes Oppendahl and Manny Romero! Without your generosity in opening your doors to us, this great event would not have been possible.

2. Nicholson Library System – Without your generosity the past two years opening your doors to Garland Area Makerspace monthly meetings, we likely would have given up heart and folded long ago. Thank you for further supporting us by hosting a station.

3.Garland Neighborhood Vitality Department- We appreciate your participation in our Makerspace Block Party yesterday. Nancy Tunell added so much to the happy community energy of the event along with the information about all that we can do for our neighborhoods. Thank you for hosting a station.

4. Robert Smith, Garland City Council Representative–You are such a loyal and supportive person not only for community makerspaces but also for community gardens. Thank you for being the City Council Representative to show up for our event.

5. Dallas Makerspace – Thank you for hosting a station and being part of this event. You are a great example of one of the largest memberships in a makerspace in the USA.

6. THE LAB m.s. Plano – Thank you Anthony and others for all your hard work in putting your station together. Like the Dallas Makerspace, your makerspace is also a good example. Your robotic displays featuring Raspberry Pi brains (along with the brains of the makers) were of particular interest.

7. Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technology Center (GISD) . Thank you Carmen Diaz for hosting this station. It was interesting to learn of some on the maker-based, hands-on learning techniques used at Gilbreath-Reed which incidentally is perhaps the largest and most expensive ($37M+) makerspace in the world–open only to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students in the GISD.

8. Keep Garland Beautiful – Thank you Reba Collins for all your hard work in helping to put together the WE MAKE GARDENS coalition.

9. Loving Garland Green – Thank you Jane Stroud for all your hard work in setting up and hosting the Loving Garland Green area of the WE MAKE GARDENS coalition.


1. GIFFORD SPRING – Thank you Evan Rogers and Melany Gifford for all your support of the Garland Area Makerspace. Your spring making tool was fun to watch. Your company is really a company that not only manufactures springs, but just about anything the imagination can dream of that is made from wire.

2. Garrett Metal Detectors – Thank you for hosting a station at our event. It is interesting to note that both Gifford Spring and Garrett Metal Detector were born in the garages of their founders and each have grown to be multi-million dollar operations. As a community we are proud of you and that you have stayed in Garland.

3. Christal Vision – Jack Hickman – Thank you Jack for hosting a station and demonstrating all the latest technology available to the blind and to those with low vision. Yours was one of the stations where I got to witness a special moment when you chatting with a young man who had low vision. If nothing else had happened at the event but that one conversation, the entire event would have been worthwhile. I’m sure there were many other special moments of human interaction and connection throughout the event because that is what a collaborative environment does–it brings people together–one of the many side benefits to a makerspace.

4. Rockler Woodworking – Garland Texas. Thank you for hosting a station at our event and thank you in the past for all the support you have given to not only Garland Area Makerspace but to all the makerspaces in our area.

5. Ribbit Ribbit – Thank you for hosting a station and being part of this event. Your hand-made, one of a kind frames are lovely. I’m not surprised they are sold all over the world.

6. MicroCenter – Thank you for hosting a station and especially for bringing a 3D printer to show people how they work. Since I’ve been your customer many times I can personally say what a great operation I think you have. Yours is a store where your employees have the knowledge and will answer customer questions regarding anything electronic.

7. Bell’s Bernina Sewing Center of Garland – Thank you Karen Rogers for hosting a station and showing visitors some of your great skills as a seamstress. Your father, Don Bell, founder of Bell’s Bernina Sewing Center, would be proud of you, I’m certain.


1. Life at the Table with Sandra Lewis. Thank you Sandra for such lovely and informative presentations on how healthy food can even be interesting.

2. Giganomics with Delores – Thank you so much for presenting this class, Delores. And thank you for all the photos and great cookies. We appreciate your generous support of the Garland Area Makerspace.

3. Bonnie Levy – Thank you Bonnie for hosting a table and displaying your beautiful artwork on rocks. We also appreciate all that you and Jorge do for the community.

4. Gwyn – Thank you, Gwyn for hosting a lovely station with your animal art work. If anyone wants a portrait of their pet, they definitely should call on your!

5. Janell Jenkins – Thank you for hosting a lampwork bead making station. It was very interesting and inspiring to see an artist at work as visitors walked up to the entrance of the event.

6. Carol and Charley Cooper – Thank you both who did the lion’s share of the work for setting up the MAKER ROOM as that room turned out to be quite popular during the event.

7. Roger Smith – thank you Roger for showing the folks at this event what wood turning is. Your work is outstanding. We appreciate your support of the Garland Area Makerspace.


We thank all who attended the MakerSpace Block Party as without all of you, we could not succeed.


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