If you want something made from wire according to your specifications, Gifford Spring is the company to call. They don’t just make springs. They make just about anything imaginable from wire. Today I stopped by Gifford Spring at 219 Gold, here in Garland, Texas to take a look at the old spring maker tool they have.  This tool is no longer used at Gifford to make springs for their customers. Springs today are made with automated equipment and even robots.  Evan Rogers, a mechanical engineer and the grandson of Gifford Spring’s founder, Ralph Gifford, thought it would be fun to have it at our maker block party on November 3.  After all, how often does one have the opportunity to make a spring?

Evan and I decided that rather than unbolt the tool from its ancient utility cart that we would get a few strong backs and hoist it up in the back of Charlie’s truck next Saturday and haul it over to Richland College, Garland Campus.  We will have to make a little more room in the lobby because Gifford Spring needs to keep its display table too.

The cover photo is of Evan with the hand tool for making a spring.  Be sure to visit the Gifford Spring table on November 3rd to see how it works and even make one yourself! 

The red wheel in the middle of the equipment below is a robot that can be programmed to make springs and other things from wire.  In addition to springs, Gifford makes all kinds of products, from wire and all according to the specifications of their customers.

Below is a photo of Evan standing in front of a peg board that has all kinds of their wire products—springs and otherwise.  For example, Evan showed me a hanger they designed for a customer in the event business to hang their tablecloths on when not in use.

Evan ponders a peg board filled with Gifford Spring products.

The shop is immaculate and has the artistic feel of a beautiful gallery to it rather than a place of industry. Evan gives his Aunt Melany credit for that. He told me that if she had time to live another life, that she would make a great interior designer. I agree and the interior of Gifford Spring is testimony to that for certain! The entire shop is like a piece of modern industrial art.

Inside Gifford Spring

In the back room they have ovens for heating the wire.
Isn’t their entry elegant? President Melany Gifford designed it.

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