No, you don’t need the talent of Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci, but you do need the following:


1. Some rocks.

If you live in the Garland area, the best selection I know of is AAA Sand and Stone.

10550 Miller RD – Dallas, TX 75238 –  (214)342-1794 –  Of course if you have rocks in your head you can use those. Your friends will appreciate it.

2. Some pictures you like that have been printed on a laser  (not ink jet) printer. You need to keep in mind they should fit on the surface of the rocks you select. They should be printed on regular white paper—not photo paper or cardstock.

3. White paint (acrylic water based) wall paint is fine.

4. A few brushes (two is a good number)

5. Plastic paint sheet or old plastic tablecloth

6. A quart of polyacrylic clear paint

7. At least one aerosol can of clear acrylic paint to seal

8. Scissors



1. Wash and dry your rocks

2. Spread out your tarp or drop cloth and  lay out your rocks.

3. Paint both sides of the rock white

4. Cut out the pictures you have printed.  Note: any part of the picture that has ink will adhere to the rock so be sure to cut away any part of the picture you don’t want to show in your creation.

5. Place the photo on a rock and decide which rock is shaped best for that photo.  Try several rocks.

6.  Once you’ve decided, using the paint brush you did not use for the white paint, paint the surface of the rock with the Polyacrylic clear paint.

7. Immediately:  Turn your photo so it is ink-side to the top of the rock with the wet polyacrylic.

8. Place firmly into place trying not to slide it around.

9. Make sure all corners are firmly down, making sure the entire surface of the photo has been pressed into the wet paint.

10.  Let dry at least five hours.  (I’ve left them up to 17 hours before.)

11.  Gently run a slow stream warm water from the faucet and rub the back of the photo in small gentle circles. (Do this over your garbage disposal—not a bathroom sink.)

12. The photo will begin to emerge.  This takes about five minutes.

13. It may have a haze over it and you can dampen you fingers and remove it by rubbing in gentle circles.

14. Don’t worry  if there is still a light haze as when you spray with the clear sealer, it will disappear.

15. When rock is dry, spray on the sealer. (I put at least two coats of sealer on it—that way I’m sure I didn’t miss any area of the photo.

And that’s it!  Happy making!  Send us photos of your creations.  We would love that.


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