Gwyn’s Pet Art
Note: We are asking all those who are presenting at our November 3 event to send us some information about what they make. The following is what Gwyn sent us.

Look at these great pet portraits created by Gwyn!

I do pet portraits and artwork in colored, pastel, charcoal or watercolor pencil. (Basically, mostly dry media on some type of cotton or cotton blend paper rather than paint on canvas.) I started drawing in High School, and all I really wanted to draw was animals and nature. I went to a small art school in California for Graphic Design and completed my Associate of Applied Science. By the time I completed my degree I was no longer interested in the field. For years I did not draw or paint but did do various craft projects. By this time, I had started working in the veterinary field as a receptionist. In 2013 I slowly started drawing again starting with my own pets those of doctors and co-workers at my veterinary clinic. For Christmas present in 2013 I did a portrait of a friend’s dog and left it on her desk. The owner of the practice saw it and decided I was a pet portrait artist. He encouraged me to bring business cards to the clinic and things slowly developed from there. My first commission was in 2014 and I went on to make a website, Facebook and Instagram page. Other than social media, business cards and my website I have never actively promoted myself. It is a side job, but one that brings me a lot of joy.

What do you plan to highlight or show at the Makerspace Block Party?

I plan to have a portfolio full of pictures of my work and another with sketches and ink and marker drawings. I will have some pictures of my work space and some pictures of my work in the various stages from start to finish. I will have 1-2 finished framed pieces. I plan to talk about my process and really any questions people have. Also talking about photographing your work for events such as this and for portfolio purposes. I may also have some old sketchbooks to show how every part of the process is not pretty and it is ok to have “ugly” sketches in your sketch book. Often people feel like they need to have a successful career in art to call themselves artists. I feel is more about the process than the finished product.

If you have any sessions that will have a planned schedule, please list them here:

I don’t have anything specific planned. I might work on a sketch using a source photo on my tablet, but I’m undecided at this point.


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