Use the bracelet shown in the photo above to turn your arm into a computer screen and keyboard.

The only problem with this story depicting this incredible piece of wearable technology that you can use while biking, riding transit, or even in the bath is that this bracelet doesn’t exist.

There’s no selection of colors available, no storage size options, no advanced projection system that reacts to your touch on your skin. What’s depicted in the video is the work of post-production special effects, not a prototype piece of technology in action. That’s because no prototype exists.

BUT the good news is that any idea conceived is an idea that, with a little human ingenuity and collaboration, can be achieved. I predict that someday we will have this fantastic bracelet or a reasonable facsimile. Thought and imagination are always the first steps to realization.

The future is here now.

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    This is soooooo cool!

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