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Being an old lady, I did not realize there was such a market out there for those old retro arcade games, but I’m getting an education fast. To my credit, I am aware of Pac Man, a Japanese video game that came out in 1980 and my sons loved to play. However, until my involvement in Makerspace with younger people like John Jones (Jonesy) I was not aware of a revival of interest in these old electronic arcade games—in fact there is a whole subculture of interest and related products surrounding these old games.

My DIY arcade education was kicked up a few notches this morning when I went downtown Garland to distribute our posters for this upcoming event to a few of our downtown merchants. My first stop was at my friends at Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery. Cary Hodson/owner/creator/brewer of Intrinsic wasn’t in but I talked with a young man who works there to ask permission to put our poster in their window. Low and behold! He is very interested in DIY arcades and plans to come to our event next Tuesday March 12 at the North Branch Garland Library. 

Next, I stopped by Main Street Café. The young man I chatted with there was also very interested in DIY arcades too. In fact, he told me that he had a cabinet for one for a while but had to get rid of it due to space. He too is very interested and hopes to come. In addition, as usual, in talking with people I learn more. This fellow told me about “Free Play” in Richardson

Curious, I checked them out after coming home. They have an interesting business model. First of all they are not really “free.” 

$10 Entry Fee (plus tax, all entrants)
95+ Retro Arcade Games and Pinball set to FREE PLAY!
A Massive, Awesome Drink Selection
Delicious, Different Arcade Food

1730 East Belt Line Road
Richardson, TX 75081
(between Sherwin Williams and Chase Place Bar & Grill)

Richardson Ordinance No. 4125: (1) All children in Free Play Arcade must be directly supervised by a guardian at all times; (2) anyone under 18 must vacate the arcade by 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday; and (3) anyone under 21 must vacate the arcade by 9:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. That’s the law and it is strictly enforced.

A DIY arcade in Garland. The games (and their cabinets) are made by local Garland Makers. Admission if $5.00 and Food and drinks (non-alcohol) are also sold.

Proceeds go to support and encourage other makers in the Garland community.


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